Monday, July 15, 2013

I wanted to let all of you know, I am working on re-branding my blog, and website... I am working on some awesome stuff, and there will be more details to come!

Stick around! I promise I will be more of a real blogger soon! :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Well as most of you know, I have three dogs whom I love very dearly.  Doodle was not feeling well last night, so she slept out of her crate last night, and was taken to the vet promptly this morning.  She had a tumor on her spleen, so they had to remove it. :(  I was at work all day, so I was unable to come home, (I couldn't do anything for her anyways.)  I came home, and ended up having to go with mom to take her to the ER from the Vets office to have her monitored for the evening...she's not doing so well, so please pray for her!


In other news...

Monday I worked at the magazine, and I decided to ask my boss if she wanted to go to Charlotte Fashion Week, she said YES (of course.) and was just going to buy the tickets.  I had the bright idea to call and see if they would send us tickets, since we are media.  Well, I called, and you guessed it...WE GOT TICKETS..... FRONT ROW tickets to Charlotte's Fashion Week on the Bridal night.  :D

Yesterday I worked at the shoe store, and had some time to come up with another brilliant idea...

Today, (Wednesday), I decided to pose the idea to my boss about going to Atlanta's Bridal Market.  This is a big deal, so I figured I would give it a shot.  We quickly found out that it was the same week as Charlotte Fashion Week, so we wouldn't be able to attend both :(  Here's where the brilliance comes in....  I then posed the idea of going to New York's Bridal Fashion Week.  My boss that was a great idea, and again, she wanted to just buy the tickets.  I told her, "Well let me throw around the fact that I work for a magazine, and see what they do."  So I did.

Here's the best part...


Yes, I might as well just pick me up off the ground..this is so huge for me!!! To sweeten the deal, they are allowing us to meet personally with the designers of the gowns and interview them, oh and we get to shoot video and take as many pictures as we want...OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in total shock that I actually get to go to NYC and attend BRIDAL FASHION WEEK!!!  Such a big highlight for me!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Few New Obsessions

The past couple days I have been completely exhausted because of my awesome weekend!

Last Thursday, I went to a networking event for the bridal showcase, and met with a lot of awesome people in the industry!!  I also got to meet with a Stella and Dot Rep, who let me borrow a necklace for the day...I did not want to give it back.

Sunday was the big day, I got to direct the fashion show, getting the girls lined up and ready to roll, it was super hectic, but fun!  I wanted to go to sleep at 7pm that night... I ended up going to bed around 9 that night...loser.  I have actually gone to bed that time every night since then.  I am so tired, my eyes hurt!!!

ANYWAYS, I have seen some amazing pictures that I must circulate, and you must see them!

 This gown is by Melta Yani, and I found it on the Lillybuds Facebook yourself a favor---look them up, you won't be sorry!

You probably already know my obsession with Paris, and how much I love the Eiffel Tower, so this picture had to make the cut... this is also from Lillybuds.  How romantic?!

I saw this picture a couple days ago on Strictly Weddings Facebook page, and died. I can't believe the amount of beading, its simply amazing. 

Found this picture on Strictly Weddings page, and the designer is unknown...(I know- sad face!, and yes I love the background.)

I have posted these shoes many times, and I still love them! They are by Harriet Wilde, and they are called "Sakura."  They are my wedding shoes (in my dreams.)

Don't really know why Kate belongs on here, but she does.  She's just amazing.

Hope you like my inspirations and obsessions right now....I am sure they will change in a day or so...maybe not.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

All Things Sparkly

If you know me well, you know that anything shiny or sparkly will get my attention...which is pretty easy to do considering I get distracted VERY easily! I got to thinking, sparkly things would be perfect for a wedding, so I have found some inspiration for you to look at! 

After your man proposes with this...and you say YES!

It's time to start planning your wedding!

This is a Pnina Tornai gown sold at Kleinfeld in NYC.  Last month I had the pleasure of attending a photo shoot for the magazine and I actually got to touch (yes, this is big for me) a real, live Pnina Tornai gown.  We got several from Kleinfeld and they were just amazing!

If this gown is simply not your style, how about a cute and sparkly bolero jacket to accompany your gown?

Add some sparkle to your nails by getting this adorable, I love her ring! 

Get your tootsies in on the sparkle train...and check off something blue while you're at it! 
(omg right!)

Don't for get your cake now... it should be extra tasty because of the sparkle!!! 

and last but not least...leave your guests sparkling with this great idea, but please use caution! 

If you do decide to use the sparkle idea, use it sparingly, otherwise your guests might need sunglasses!

*All photos from yourself a favor and get a Pinterest account!*

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Picking the Perfect Dress

So you have the groom and the ring, and now you are ready to hit the ground running to find that perfect dress! Congratulations! Here are some tips to finding that perfect dress while keeping mind of your budget and staying stress-free!

DO YOUR HOMEWORK!: Go online, look in magazines, scour the newsstand to find anything and everything wedding related. When you think of your wedding day, what do you picture yourself wearing? Is it a full ball gown, or is it a form fitting mermaid style gown? Check out the different styles of wedding gowns, and make sure you know what you are looking for. Make sure you know your budget before making an appointment, you don't want to get your heart set on a $10,000 gown if you cannot afford it.

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT: Most bridal salons ask that you make an appointment and come prepared. Make sure that you have an appointment with a consultant, and find out how much time you are alloted. Weekdays are the best time to have an appointment, because the consultant is able to give you their undivided attention, otherwise Saturday's are very hectic. Make sure that you have enough time to order your gown, as they take anywhere from six to eight months to come in, in a bridal salon. Some of the chains can get their gowns in quicker, it just depends on the designers. Bring pictures of what you have been looking at, and if the consultant has the dress, make sure they pull it for you. Ask the consultant to pull a few of their picks too, just to add some variety. Keep an open mind when you walk through the salon doors, as most the time you will not end up with the gown you had pictured. Go to a full service bridal shop, a shop that has bridal gowns, tuxedos, bridesmaids gowns, flower girl gowns, and on site alterations. Full service shops always have headpieces and veils, so make sure to try those on. If you want a designer gown, make sure you attend a designer sample sale, this will ensure a great deal for your wedding gown.

THINGS TO BRING TO AN APPOINTMENT: Make sure you bring a strapless bra, and the proper undergarments. Bring some money along just in case you happen to find the dress. Don't bring the entourage! While you would like to include everybody in the gown shopping process, make sure that you only bring two to three people. If you bring too many people, it can become confusing for you, and you will not know what you like. Do bring your mom! She will want to share this experience, and it will be an awesome experience for you both to cherish the rest of your lives. Bring an open mind, and don't look at the size of the gown you are trying on or measuring to. Color is very popular in wedding gowns, and your consultant might put you in a pink or black wedding gown, don't say no just yet! Bring a camera, and if the salon will let you, take some pictures to capture the moments when you come out in the dresses. Even if you don't like the gowns, the pictures make a great album later on, and you can laugh at the ones that you hated. Snap a picture of you and your consultant, especially if they sell you the gown, your consultant would love to have a picture of you two together, after all they did help you find that special gown. Make sure that if you do take pictures, that you do not show anyone, the more opinions you get, the more confused you are.

ENTERTAIN THE IDEA: VEIL OR HEADPIECE: If you have a particularly seasoned bridal consultant, they will automatically put you in a veil or headpiece of their choosing. This will do two things, it will make you feel like a bride, and it will complete the look. When looking at veils, some people are strictly against veils, and consider them “mosquito nets.” Keep an open mind, and try them on, it won't hurt, and you can take it off if you hate it! Your consultant will more than likely accompany the veil with a headpiece which will further complete the look, and enhance the dress. Most people go with a tiara or headband, but companies are quickly realizing that there are more than just the two choices. There are now pretty clips and other baubles that can grace your bridal day beauty.

BELT IT UP!: To create a defined waistline, bridal consultants have a clever trick up their sleeves, which is a beaded or colored belt. Belts have become a staple when it comes to bridal fashion, and complete the bridal look. For a more plain gown, or an all lace gown, sometimes the beaded belt or colored belts are just the perfect amount of definition that the gown needs. Sometimes with the addition of the belt, it can change the look of the whole gown, making it the one!

COLOR IS ALL THE RAGE: All gowns come in at least two colors across the board: white or ivory. Some companies have the addition of diamond white, or blush, and even red. This season, you can even see blue, purple, and pink. Anyone can wear white or ivory, it doesn't matter if you are a virgin or not anymore, it is all about what color looks best on your skin type. Brides who are wearing colored wedding gowns such as pink or blue, have a certain amount of confidence that they are exuding and want to express their certain style on their wedding day.

ALTERATIONS 101: Alterations can become pricey, especially if you have a lot to change about the dress. Rule of thumb is that if you have to change the entire style of the dress, it is not the dress for you. Typical changes in the dresses are the hemlines, because almost always the dress is too long. Some companies offer what's called a “hollow to hem” measurement, which is a measurement to make sure the dress is the correct length. The hollow to hem measurement is especially helpful if you have an all lace or beaded gown with a scalloped edge on the bottom of the gown, otherwise it is very pricey to get that fixed by an alterations professional. When making the first alterations appointment, make sure it's about three to four months in advance, and have them pin it first. Almost always the bustline will be taken in. If you are choosing to not wear a bra, then have the alterations person attach bust cups for the support. The last thing you want to see on your wedding day is your gown sagging in the front. Make sure that the dress is properly fitted in the bust, you don't want to be pulling the gown up all night long.

NEVER BUY ONLINE: You know those super cheap knock off sites that you can find the exact same dress for about $200, its too good to be true and NEVER buy from them! The dresses are coming from overseas, and they take forever to get to your home. In addition, the packages are not insured, and are not of good quality. Personally, I know of a bride that purchased a gown and it came to her hot glued together, and in the wrong size. Make sure you know who you are buying from, and if they are a legitimate company or not. The last thing you need is a dress coming in wrong, or having money taken and not returned back to you.

***This is an article that I wrote for the magazine I work for.***

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Completing Your Bridal Look: The Bridal Cap

I HAVE to tell you about this trend, that I am so in love with!  On David Tutera's, My Fair Wedding, his bride Kimberly had a "Great Gadsby" themed wedding, complete with gorgeous bridal cap.  Here is the lovely Kimberly, on her wedding day.

With that said, here are some gorgeous bridal caps, to complete your bridal look!

Twigs and Honey 

Twigs and Honey


Johanna Johnson

I hope this serves as the perfect bridal inspiration for completing your bridal look!  I certainly love this look and hope it's here to stay! 

Rent the Runway

So today when I was at work, I finished my articles, so now I am able to write about---well whatever I long as it's bridal...which is super easy for me!

I was looking on my Facebook page today, and I follow Style Me Pretty's site religiously, and they had this gorgeous picture up of some pretty bridesmaids dresses, with the caption "rent the runway!"  So I looked them up.

Style Me Pretty is one of my favorite wedding blogs, and they have plenty of things to look at daily.  They have gorgeous pictures from fabulous weddings, and they post something almost every day... they are incredible! Here is their site... Style Me Pretty's Website

Rent the Runway is a service that provides dress and accessory rentals online.  It is very similar to Bag, Borrow or Steal's concept, the only difference is the type of clothing rental.  Rent the Runway has designer name brands for half the prices to rent, which is great for bridesmaids! They have sizes ranging from 0-14, unfortunately plus sizes are not available :( Here is their website... Rent The Runway's Website.

So here is the amazing bridesmaids dress pictures... I just love the color scheme!!!

Another great way to save money on wedding costs is a site that I have known about for years... I stumbled upon them years ago, and kept it to myself, but I am here now to share with you!  Check out Pre Owned Wedding Dresses website to find gorgeous half price wedding gowns!  This site connects you with former brides that just want to get a little extra cash by selling their wedding gowns.  Some brides don't want to keep their wedding gown forever, so this is the perfect solution.  Their gowns range from 0-30, and they have a range of designers.

* There are links to each of the sites mentioned within this article! *